Gardening Without Soil

Peas, Beets, Collards, Brocolli, Peppers in 60 liter (15 gallon) pots.

Russian Mammoth Sunflower growing in a 60 liter (15 gallon bucket).

(My logo flower, (C) Good Read Music LLC)

Kohlrabi, a cultivar of Brassica oleracae, that magnificant species that also includes Collards, Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage, Broccolli, Cauliflower and numerous other local varieties. Much like the species Canis domesticus, the dog, the Brassicas are capable of changing into many different forms. Cool. Life Is Metamorphosis.

A medley of lettuce with sugar peas - a cool season crop.

Gomphrena flowers, aka Globe Amaranth or as they say here locally "Bozos".  (Croton, Brassicas, Peas, Sunflower and Sweet Corn in the background.)

Sweet corn  (Papaya seedlings on left front, Asian broccoli (like Italian broccolini) left side, Sunflowers at top).

Collards, Brocolli, Beets, Kohlrabi, Beans.

Anaheim Chile Peppers.

Edible Ornamentals. My biggest pests are finches who LOVE to eat the Gomphrena seeds and chow down on the peas and Brassica leaves. Sigh.. Oh well, they are hungry too, and eat the houseflies. They call me Ja. Ja provide.

Cilantro turning into coriander. (Edible leaf called cilantro, or coriander leaf; seed spice called coriander)

Mexican Sunflowers.

Croton plant, from Papua New Guinea.

A red Hibiscus that I started from a cutting.

My favorite flower, the "Sunny", native to North America.

 Okinawan Purple Sweet Potato

 Borneo Okra, still tender at this size with plenty of water. Okra is a cousin of the cotton plant, native to Africa.

 "Super Red" Cabbage Variety

 Eggplant flower. Eggplants are in the Nightshade family, along with pepper and tomatoes.

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