Make It Up              

(C) (P)  2010 Arthur Davenport, Good Read Music, LLC, all rights reserved.

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Half of reality is what you make it.

Dedicated to The Muse and her sisters, Inspiration, Imagination, Innovation and Ingenuity, four fine sisters in the construction business.


          Em                            C            D             Em                                 C            D           

It was snowing hard on the fourth of July. The cottonwood flakes were flying on high.

          Em                       C                D          

I had tea with Lil, and it seemed so strange.

                               Em                                          C          D

“What's that? She said. "Like somebody made it up that way?".


             Em             C                D                Em                C                D                Em

Make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up.    Make it up, make it up, make it up.

   Em           C       D    Em                             C       D       Em

I'll make it up to you,     would you make it up to me?

 Em                C       D                   Em                  C             D

We'll make it up all day, because hey, that's the game we play.


         Em                                    C                     D

I was huffing and puffing up the high mountain side.

          Em                                                      C        D

I was wheezing, ‘cause I’m geezing, man I nearly died.

             Em                                        C                 D

When I asked myself, “What do you put yourself through?”

                  Em                       C         D

When you get to the top, my what a view!


             Em       C                     D                   Em                                            C        D

Make it up, the high mountain side,  Make it up, wheezing, geezing, man, I nearly died!

             Em                    C                    D                               Em                        C         D

Make it up, what do we put ourselves through?  When you get to the top, my, what a view.


          Em                          C                   D                  Em                              C                   D

I was studying hard, and I stayed up all night.  Slept through the exam and awoke to the light.

             Em                                      C                    D

When I asked the Professor, “Say, what should I do?”

                          Em                                C               D

She says: “You gotta make it up, if you want to get through.”

                 Em       C     D                     Em        C         D

Make it up, the final exam.  Make it up, the master plan.

             Em     C         D                       Em               C                  D

Make it up, as we go along.  Make it up, that’s the name of this song.


             Em          C                D                    Em                      C                    D

Make it up, don’t copy those guys.  Make it up, then they will think you are wise.

             Em              C                     D                   Em         C            D

 Make it up, then it’s yours, you will see.  Make it up, your own recipe.


            Em              C                D                Em             C                D                Em

Make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up.

 Em            C      D    Em                             C      D

I’ll make it up to you.    Would you make it up to me.

             Em              C                D                Em             C                D                Em

Make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up, make it up.

 Em            C      D     Em                          C      D

I’ll make it up to you.  Would you make it up to me.



(C) (P) Arthur Davenport, Good Read Music LLC, all rights reserved.

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