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Aloha Ho'aloha, Hello Friend,

I have found that by learning some Hawai'ian words, I have learned more than just language.

I am a beginner student, an immigrant newcomer to the Islands. There is a wisdom that prevails in Hawai'i that I cherish. People go out of there way to be friendly, helpful and courteous like no where else in the world that I have found. That has helped to heal and inspire me. I am grateful to the native Hawai'ians (Kanaka Mauoli) for their gift of Aloha.

Aloha means hello, goodbye and I love you.


An island is a small place, relative to living on a continent. People must live in balance to sustain themselves on islands.

The best life can be found where people are inspired to get along and be generous with one another.

The Queen Lili'uokalani Children's Center in Hawai'i offers simple wisdom that leads us to the good life:

Ho'o Kupono - to behave properly.

Ho'o Ponopono - to make things right, reconcile, arbitrate.

Aloha - affection, love, greeting, hello, goodbye.

Malama - to take care of or care for.

Ho'ihi - repect, be courteous, confidential, avoid gossip.

Ha'aha'a - humble, modest, sincere.

Lokahi - harmony, unity, agreement.

Kuleana - responsibility. (In the old days a kuleana was an allotment of land that a person cared for and which cared for them (malama aina).

- cooperation, working together.

Ahonui - patience.

Maka'ala - alert and paying attention.

'Ohana - family.

Kokua - to help, assist and support.

Lokomaika'i - graciousness, generosity, goodwill.

Maluhia - peace, quiet, serenity.

'Oia'i'o - truth.

Nana i ke kumu - look to the source (pay attention to the teacher).


Believe, Behave, Become

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